Dorchester County Historical Society




Dear Members,

 It is already November; the time has changed and the holidays are quickly approaching fast. Once again, the Society has had a great year. Just being able to get back after Covid has been wonderful.

We did lose two good board members earlier this year but have replaced them with two history-loving board members: Daniel Prohaska and Rodney Canaday. At our meetings this year, we have had great speakers, thanks to Trish Scott, and great refreshments, thanks to Claire.   Thank you to Bobbie for putting our meeting notices and articles in the paper and to Bill and Claire for their hard work on getting County accommodations tax grants. Thank you to all the board members for their work behind the scenes and to all our members for their continued support. Without you, none of this would be possible.

On October 29th and 30th, we hosted the 5th Annual Living History & Education Days. Over 130 people attended. Weeks leading up to the event, board members worked diligently to finish the little store in the Koger House front yard. The old showcase was moved out of the Koger House giving more space in the back room for our meetings. Bill got the steps made for the store and built the handrails attached. Sandy Shelly made curtains and painted the floors and items were donated to sell in the new “Gift Shop” by Rachel Dubois. Thank you to all the sponsors and donors that helped to make this possible. Also, members of the Ivy Garden Club of Dorchester did a wonderful job decorating the house for fall. Both Friday and Saturday nights, Claire lead ghost walks through the house. It was a lot of fun. Mildred, Sandy, Elizabeth Mizell, Coleman Hughes, my granddaughter and I helped. Fun, fun, fun. Thank you, Claire, for all you do.

Our treasurer, Mildred Heatley, will report on the profits from this event. After the first of the year, we will be looking for grants to try and rehydrate the exterior of the house and completely repair and paint all the windows.

 Standing in the old house waiting on guests to arrive, I thought to myself, how did we do all this. Restore this wonderful treasure, hosts so many fundraisers and bring in so many people that love history as we do. It has been an amazing journey and I know that God has always been at the helm.

Thank you all for your years of support, your gifts, talents and hard work. Please come out on November 17th and hear our guest speaker Rodney Canaday recollect memories and stories of growing up around the Koger House. The inside story of the people who lived there and raised their families there.

Come out and bring a friend.

                                                                           Phyllis Hughes  
                                                                           DCHS President.


Once again in an effort to reduce printing and mailing costs we are requesting that you allow us to send the quarterly newsletter to you via email or that you download it from our website (see Newsletter page).  Presently it cost approximately $0.85 to print and mail each copy.   If you are willing to receive the newsletter via email please provide your email address to the Corresponding Secretary at the address below and put in the subject line "UDCHS Address". Thank you for your continued support.